Bangladesh is now Asia’s fifth and the world’s eighth most populous country with an estimated population of about 152.51 million (Population &Housing Census 2011). The growth rate of the population has fallen from 3% per annum at the first five year plan (1973-78) to about 1.37% p.a. in 2011 (P&H Census 2011). The population is expected to grow by another 40% by mid-century to 222 million, and finally stabilize around 240 million several decades after that. The rural population, currently about 71.90% (World Bank Report 2012) will cease growing at around 140 million by 2025, mainly due to rural to urban migration, while the urban population will continuously grow. The urban population is currently made up of one third slums, and two-thirds non-slums, but the slums are growing at more than twice the rate (6.0% p.a.) than the overall urban growth rate (2.85% p.a.), meaning that the slums will account for a rapidly increasing proportion of urban dwellers.... Read more >>


Family Welfare Assistants (FWA)s are assigned with disseminating the FP-MCH information to the community during their home visits and Inter Personal Communication (IPC) sessions. A monthly projection is generally set by Family Welfare Assistant (FWA)s by themselves for reaching clients with long acting and permanent methods (LAPM). Sometimes they meet the projections, and sometimes they don’t. There is a newly recruited FWA named Mrs. Fahima Begum, 1/Kha Unit, Lawta Union, Beanibazar, Sylhet who has been working there for the last 18months and had yet to achieve her monthly projection though in June 2013 she came out with flying colors in fulfilling her own projection. In June, 2013, this FWA set a monthly projection of 38 LAPM clients; at the end of the month she had come with 53 clients. This is a tremendous accomplishment apparently from a very young and inexperienced FWA. In the monthly meeting when she was asked about the reason behind this achievement, she unveiled the fact that having the netbook and the resources on it i.e poster, leaflets , brochures and video clippings helped her enormously to fulfil her monthly projection. The introduction of the innovative counseling approach by the FWAs with netbook can expedite the acceptors of different FP methods.


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