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Mohammadpur Fertility Services & Training Centre (MFSTC)
100 Bedded Mother & Child Health Hospital
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This organization was developed as a Family Planning Services, Training and Research Centre as well as a Family Planning Referral Hospital. Gradually it started providing services to the mother and treatment to under 5 year children.

In continuation of the on going activities of MFSTC it is gradually expanding by introducing infertility and comprehensive reproductive health care services. The purpose of the expansion is to give services to infertile couple whether they may be primary or secondary infertile cases.

This centre being a service-cum-training centre provides basic and in-services training to Health & Family Planning medical staff working at different levels.

Various operational research & survey works on different contraceptive methods to identify their effects, the mother & child health, their nutritional status, poverty, morbidity, mortality etc.

To respond with a view to fulfilling the Health, Nutrition & Family Planning services related needs of the clients/ patients.

MFSTC & MCH Hospital is a unique institution to guide and lead the country in Family Planning especially fertility services, Mother and Child Health care and also a model of combined community and hospital based services institution for curative, preventive, promotive and patient’s care.

The ultimate goal of this institute is to improve the Health and Nutritional status of mother & children and also to reach the achievement of Family Planning target of Bangladesh.

    ►  To reduce the population growth,  increase Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (CPR) by providing & promoting family planning services and formation of planned families and to reduce Maternal & Infant mortality rate through client’s motivation, counselling, treatment, assistance & follow up.
    ►  To improve quality of services undertaking research on different aspects of MC-RH, Nutrition & Contraceptive use.
    ►  Human resource development through training in Family Planning, Mother and Child health.

Mohammadpur Fertility Services and Training Centre (MFSTC) located at Aurangzeb road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka, was established as a special project in 1974 with funding assistance from the 'Pathfinder Fund', for the purpose of delivering integrated family planning services under one roof. This was the first centre in Bangladesh of this nature. On 1st July, 1999 as per decision of the Government. MFSTC was transferred to the revenue budget.

This is the centre where MR services in Bangladesh was first initiated, nurtured and attained its maturity. Today in our country MR is the most important aspect of women services ensuring their fulfilment of their right toward their reproductive health. MR also provides back up service to contraceptive failure. Once in pursuance with the Government policy this clinic performed 5000 MR yearly and follow-up of 4000 cases per year. It also has started providing Post Abortion Care (PAC) services which is in fact serving all complications of MR/ abortion. Out of all clients who visit this centre each year, 80% are from the lower and middle income bracket which is an indication of its popularity and its good performance, quality counselling, record keeping and follow-up services provided to the clients.

Due to the great need and demand of the locality Honourable Prime Minister of The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh upgraded this MFSTC to 100 bedded Mother and Child Health Hospital. On 10th October, 2010, the hospital has started providing normal delivery services including C/S (Caesarean Section) along with the existing services. The newly built hospital has a capacity of 72 beds for Obstetric and 28 beds for Neo-nate & Children.

      ►  Oral pill distribution.
      ►  Condom distribution (Male).
      ►  Birth Control Injection.
      ►  Implant insertion/ removal.
      ►  Intra Uterine Device (IUD) insertion/removal.
      ►  Male and Female sterilisation.
      ►  Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP) Service.

      ►  Ante natal care (ANC).
      ►  Delivery Service including Caesarean Section.
      ►  Post natal care (PNC).
      ►  Sick children (under 5 years).
      ►  Vitamin  A capsule distribution.
      ►  Immunization Including Hepatitis-B vaccine.
      ►  Adolescent Reproductive Health Care.
      ►  Nutrition Advices/ Services for pregnant mother & malnourished children.
      ►  MR and Post Abortion Care (PAC).
      ►  RTI & STI Services.
      ►  VIA (Visual Inspection of cervix with Acetic acid).
      ►  Management & Treatment of referral Cases.

      ►   To identify the common causes of infertility in both male & female and provide basic management & treatment.
      ►   To give assurance to the long term contraceptive users.
      ►   Couples are counselled about Infertility.
      ►   Investigations of couples are done by low costs.
      ►   Only ovulation induction is done at present.

      ►  Assure delivery services to antenatal mothers.
      ►  Assure safe delivery.
      ►  Assure care to the new born.

      ►  Imaging : Ultrasonography.
      ►  Pathology : General pathology and special lab for infertility services.
      ►  Ambulance Service.
      ►  Blood Bank.
      ►  Social Welfare Department.

    F.  TRAINING :
      ►  Training of doctors and paramedics on clinical contraception, RTI & HIV/AIDS Case Management and Reproductive Health, Health & Nutrition etc.
      ►  Training on MR, PAC, Counselling, Infection Prevention.
      ►  Field training of students from Social Welfare Department under Dhaka and National University.

    G.  RESEARCH :
      ►  Operational Research and Surveys.
      ► Clinical trial on different contraceptives before being introduced in the Family Planning Programme.
      ►  On different aspects of Reproductive Health, Maternal & Child Health, Nutritional status and Contraceptive use.

      ►  Fully furnished  37 Rooms are available  including 8 VIP cabins ith all modern facilities, including arrangement of food.
      ►  A well decorated conference room with a seating arrangement of 65 persons.

      ►  Future plan for expansion of Infertility services.

This institution plays an important role to achieve the target of the Health & Family Planning activities of Bangladesh. It has achieved a high level of success in family planning services which has made the centre a popular and reliable institution in the minds of the clientele.
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