Overview of Different Units / Planning
Planning Unit

1. Introduction :
The Planning Unit of Directorate General of Family Planning (DGFP) was established in 1992 with the recommendation of Planning Commission and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MOH&FW) with a view to establish better co-ordination and liaison with the Planning Cell of the MOH&FW, Planning Commission, other Ministries and Development Partners. To make proper planning, facilitate planning process, active coordination & monitoring of all development programs under Health, Population and Nutrition Sector Development Program (HPNSDP) are the main focus of Planning Unit of DGFP. Another important task of Planning Unit is to implement Planning, monitoring   & Evaluation-FP Operational Plan (OP) under HPNSDP for 2011-2016. Local Level Planning is one of the important components of the OP.

Planning Unit plays a vital role for affiliation & renewal of NGOs working in the field of Reproductive Health: Family Planning, Maternal & Child Health (RH:FP-MCH) services. All kinds of new construction, repair, maintenance & renovation of all existing Family Planning infrastructures are processed & proposed to MOH&FW for smooth functioning of the service centres.

2. Objectives :
The main objective of this Operational Plan (OP) is to assist in formulation of different Operational Plans of DGFP through effective coordination, monitoring evaluation & Implementation of Local Level Planning (LLP) in 22 hard to reach & low performing area.

3. Major activities of the program :

    3.1. Preparation of population policy-2012.

    3.2. Co-ordination and Preparation of Operational Plans/Project within Population

    • Co-ordination with Planning Cell, MOH&FW, Planning Commission, IMED, other Ministries and Development Partners.
    • Co-ordination with Line Director/Director to prepare programs in Population sub-sector.
    • Coordination of activities related to preparation of Operational Plans.
    • Preparation of Annual Development Program (ADP), Medium Term Budgetary Framework (MTBF),etc
    • Need assessment for short and long term perspective planning of population sub-sector

    3.3. Program Monitoring-

    • Facilitate to conduct Annual Program Review (APR)/ Mid Term Revew(MTR)
    • Facilitate Performance Monitoring
    • Collection reports and review of IMED report and onward transmission to IMED.

    3.4. Local Level Planning (LLP)-

    • Local Level Planning introduced to develop/enhance the decision making skill of local level personnel of DGFP and making them capable of preparing their plan as per the available local resources & requirements.
    • Placement of local demand to the respective Line Director’s (LD’s).
    • Requesting the Line Director’s to incorporate LLP requirements to the ADP.
    • Provide financial support at Upazila from central level (Planning Unit).
    • Ensuring effective monitoring mechanism to get the desired LLP.

    3.5. GO-NGO Collaboration-

    • At present about 210 national & local levels NGOs are working in the field of RH: FP-MCH services throughout the country. To make their activities more synchronized and effective, DGFP has guideline for affiliation & renewal of NGOs. NGOs having affiliation of DGFP providing family planning contraceptives & related commodities.
    • Supervision & Monitoring of NGO’s.
    • Strengthening co-ordination of GO –NGO.

4. Achievements (2011-2012 & 2012-2013) :

  • 188 Upazilas concerned personnel of 22 districts were trained to make their  3 years Upazila Plan according to their resources & demands.
  • Local Level Plans of 188 Upazilas including 14 pilot Upazilas were compiled & placed to the concerned Line Director’s (LD’s) for the next step.
  • Workshop at Community Clinic, Meeting at satellite Clinic & Uthan baithok  performed in 188 upazila.
  • Mother & baby kit distributed in 14 Pilot Upazila.
  • In these Upazilas LLP activities are monitored centrally by core LLP team.
  • Annual Development Program (ADP) & Revised Annual Development Program (RADP)  done for 7 OP’s.
  • 07 Ops Annual work plan done with budget.
  • The compiled report of Action Plan were prepared according to recommendation of APR.
  • Annual Performance Report of 07 OPs completed in time.
  • Monitoring meeting conducted in every month for reviewing progress.
  • Monitoring reports prepared & sent to the ministry timely.
  • Workshop on Preparing & Monitoring of Annual Development Program were Conducted.
  • All Development Programs Report were finalized on IMED format.
  • Population Policy-2012 published.
  • 52 NGOs supervised, monitored & renewed.

5. Conclusion : 2013-14 financial years started, Planning Unit will implement the above mentioned activities with special attention in monitoring the LLP program.