Overview of Different Units / Logistics & Supply
Logistics & Supply Unit

Logistics & Supply Unit of Directorate General of Family Planning regularly conduct Procurement for Contraceptives, Drugs and MSR (Equipment) for implementing Population Sector Program of the Government. This unit properly distributes the contraceptives, drugs and MSR to the Field level as well as to the clients through central warehouse Mohakali, Dhaka, and 21 (twenty) regional warehouses. Timely distribution on Contraceptive to the clients is very important for the success of the family planning program as well as to ensure the service of maternal child health and reproductive health care.

The major Contraceptives, drugs & MSR procured from IDA and GOB fund during (2012-13) are shown below.
    1. Injectables : 14.2 million
    2. Oral pill : 150 million
    3. Implant : 4,01,000 Pcs (1Rod)
    4. Condom : 150 million
    5. DDS kits : 75,000 thousand Box
    6. Auto destruct syringe : 13.8 million

List of Essential Drugs :
  • 20 million Cap. Doxycycline
  • 30 million Tab. Metronidazole
  • 1 million Tab. Ciprofloxacine
  • 50 million Tab. Iron With Folic Acid
  • 1 million Tab. Ranitidine
  • 0.2 million Tab. Naproxyn

  • 8,000 MR kits (kits)
  • 3,000 set Tubectomy Kits
  • 5,000 set NSV kits
  • 550 Pcs. OT Light

The status of local procurement for the fiscal year 2012-2013 for purchasing important goods and services using GOB (Development) fund are shown in below.
  1. Vehicle Jeep 10 Pcs.
  2. Vehicle ( A.V Van) 04 Pcs.
  3. Motor cycle 165 pcs.
  4. Bi-cycle 6,000 Pcs.
  5. Gas filling in Oxygen Cylinder
  6. Stationary for L & S unit and central warehouse.
  7. Computer (Laptop) with Printer-38 Pcs.
Digitalization :
Commodity distribution and reporting system of L & S unit has converted into digital system. For tracking the supply and procurement status, a web based programme/software named Supply Chain Information Portal has been established. This web based SCIP of L & S Unit has been awarded the first prize in the Digital innovation fair-2011. The portal provides information of national stock to Upzilla stock, pipeline stock and also current procurement status in hand. This will ensure contraceptive security.