Overview of Different Units / Audit
Audit Unit

General objectives of audit as defined in audit code that “The broad aim of audit is to safeguard the interest of the State and to promote transparency and accountability along with sound economic and financial management practices across the Government”.

Types of Audit :
Constitutional audit or external audit under the administrative control of C&AG, generally are involved auditing of financial matters only.

Almost all Department has separate Internal Audit unit or Investigations cell. The Internal Audit is working as a “controlling tools” to establish transparency & accountability throughout the department i.e.
    (a) Effective and efficient operations
    (b) Internal financial control and
    (c) Compliance with laws, rules and regulations.

For these reasons, Internal Audit has been defining as “independent appraisal functions established within an organization to examine and evaluate it’s all activities as a service to the organization.

Present structural position of DGFP’s Internal Audit :
In this unit, there are 44 (Forty four) professional audit personnel are efficiently working.

Present Activities :
  • To ensure transparency and accountabilities in financial activities. To minimize financial risk like financial irregularities.
  • To help mitigation of audit objections
  • Audit Unit already performing as a ‘Core Audit Team’ in Family Planning Programme Instructed by the Ministry.
  • To verify the Books of stores of Family Planning Contraceptives and Equipments
  • To verify The Family Planning Programs and recommendation to the Authority for rectification. 
  •  To establish FMIS that will reflect complete picture of Government expenditures.
  • To establish Networking as a part of E-Governance to improve of financial management.
  • To prepare SOE accurately.
  •  To ensure various training programs to accounts and audit related personnel for capacity build up and smooth operation.
  • To strengthen Internal audit for effective, efficient and economic performance of all the activities (Internal Control) of the Director General of Family Planning

Achievements :
  • 2 Days training on Audit and Financial Management of all DDOs and Accounts Related Personnel of Family Planning Department have successfully been completed for capacity build up and smooth operation.
  • Around 10,500 audit objections out of 13,000 are already settled through bi-lateral audit mitigation meetings and normal process which amounted around in Tk. 200 core.
  • All LPR going personnel of Family Planning have got their pension with the assistance of Audit Unit.
  • Last year, Core Audit Team members have completed internal audit of family planning division.
  • Overall Operational Plan Performance is quite satisfactory (Financial 90% and Physical 100%).
  • As a result of   training program on Audit and Financial Management, last 4 years no Audit Objection arisen in the field level of dgfp by FAPAD and LAD.  
  • To ensure various training programs to accounts and audit related personnel

Target to achieve :
  • To review and appraise all systems of control throughout the organization and that does not include only bill voucher.
  • Recommend improvements in control and performance.
  • Ascertain the extent of compliance with procedures, policies, regulations and legislation.
  • Review the value-for-money that units within the organization provide.
  • Save money and interest of management by identifying waste and inefficiency.
  • Recommendation on better ways of achieving the organization objectives.
  • Avoid objection by providing guide & training to DDO`S and all accounts related personnel to minimize fraud, theft, financial irregularities.
  • To introduce performance audit to avoid duplicity through coordination.

Recommendation :
  • Internal Audit unit of DGFP is a separate entity and functioning independently.
  • Conduct regular and performance audit from HQ to root level offices of DGFP.
  • Maintaining liaison with external audit to mitigate audit objections and to avoid duplication of works and

To comply the recommendations of Public Accounts Committee for strengthening Internal Audit. That is the demand of the holy Constitution of the republic.