Overview of Different Units / Administration
Administration Unit
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Goals of the Administration Unit :
  • To design strategies and guidelines for ensuring that sound management practices and procedures are employed in the use of resources to further the implementation of programme activities.
  • To ensure personnel administration and management including recruitment, leave, transfer and discipline of class III & IV staff of the Directorate.
  • To ensure personnel administration and management including leave, transfer and discipline of class II staff of the Directorate.
  • To design and implement a policy for Human Resources Development in the context of the goals and strategies of the Family Planning programme.
  • To strengthen the management, supervision and monitoring from national to ward level.

Functions and line of communication of Director Administration :
To ensure a dynamic and efficient administration management for ensuring successful implementation of the Family planning, mother & child health, Reproductive health and Nutrition Programme of the Directorate.

Organizational Relationship;
Accountability Supervisory Officers/staffs Functional communication
Director General ,DGFP All officers and staffs of the administration unit. Director General, All  Directors  both at HQ and Divisions, All Deputy directors, Assistant Directors, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and related ministries, all officers and staffs at administration unit.

Main responsibilities of the Director (Administration) :
    1. Administer and manage personnel, ensure discipline in the programme.
    2. Co-ordinate activities of different units of the directorate on personnel management.
    3. Initiate disciplinary action against all Class-I and II officers and final authority in respect of all non-gazetted staff.
    4. Act as appointing authority of all non-gazetted staff of the Head Quarter and in the field including Sub-Assistant Community Medical Officers (SACMO) and Pharmacists ant to approve and execute their inter-division transfer.
    5. Post and transfer of Upazilla Family Planning Officers (UFPO), Medical Officers (MO), Assistant Upazilla family Planning officers (AUFPO), and Assistant Family welfare Officers (MCH-FP) with approval from Director General.
    6. Plan and develop management strategies and guidelines for entire field programme.
    7. Determine charter of duties of all programme personnel and allocate functions for all units under the Directorate with the approval of the Directorate General.
    8. Carry out any other duties assigned by the Director General.

Deputy Director (Personnel) :
Functions of Deputy Director (Personnel) are:

  • Assist the Director (Administration) in management and administration of personnel of the programme.
  • Process recruitment, posting and transfer of all Class-II gazatted and non-gazetted employees of the directorate up to field level; and process transfer of Class-I gazetted officers (up to Assistant Director) of the Directorate.
  • Process granting Earned Leave, Pension, Gratuity, Rest & Recreation. etc to the Upazilla family Planning Officer, Medical Officer and Class-II Officers and non-gazetted staff.
  • Process promotion of staff to higher grade and from staff to Officers.
  • Initiate and process all disciplinary cases in respect of all staff in the HQ and all officers of the programme.
  • Process any allegation on departmental proceeding cases as decided by the higher authority.
  • Carry out any other duties assigned by the Director (Administration).

Sections of the Administration Unit :
    • Administration
    • Discipline
    • Pension
    • Transport
    • Common Service
    • Monitoring

Administration :
  • Process all establishment matters relating to posting,recruitment,transfer, selection grade/promotion, earned leave, foundation training, departmental examination, senior scale examination to BCS (Family planning) officers, regularization and confirmation  of all Class-I officers of the Directorate.
  • Process matters related to service regularization, permanent, selection grade, time scale, promotion, rectruitment rules, training, leave of all Class-II officers under the Directorate.
  • Matters related to appointment, transfer, leave, training, and promotion.etc of all Class-III & IV employee of the Directorate.
  • Preserve ACRs of all Class-I & Class-II officers under the Directorate.

Responsible Officer :
    Assistant Director (Per-1),
    Administrative Officer.

Discipline :
  • Process all the files on disciplinary matters against officers and staff.
  • Process all the Court matters relating to discipline and appeal matters.
  • Process timely enquiry of allegations for the different units at the HQ and the field level.

Category wise appointing authority for disciplinary cases :
Deputy Director, Assistant Director (FP/CC), Upazilla Familly Planning Officer, Medical Officer (MCH-FP, Clinic, Family Welfare) Secretary, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.
All Class-II officers including Assistant Upazilla Family Planning Officer, Assistant Family Welfare Officer MCH-FP), Supply Officer. Director General. Directorate General of Family Planning.
all class-III & IV staff including Office superintendent, SACMO, Pharmacist, UA, Steno typist, steno grapher, Accountant, store keeper, office assistant cum typist of HQ and District level. Director Administration, DGFP
Upazilla family Planning Assistant, Family Welfare Visitor, Family Planning Inspector, Family Welfare Assistant, Security Guard Deputy Director (Family Planning)

Responsible officer :
    Assistant Director (per-2),
    Legal Affairs Officer.

Pension Section :
Main functions of the pension sections are:
  • Process pension cases of Class –II officers and Class –III & IV staff under the directorate for Director General’s approval. File related documents to the ministry for the approval of class-I officer’s pension cases.
  • Process invalid and force pension and gratuity cases.
  • Process granting sanction order regarding final withdrawal of General Provident Fund (GPF).
  • Initiate necessary actions for granting group insurance and benevolent fund proceeds.
  • Prepare monthly report on pension, PRL and GPF sanction for the ministry.

Responsible Officer :
    Welfare Officer.

Transport Section :
Functions performed are ;
  1. Prepare schedule for transport to be used by various units of the directorate.
  2. Be responsible for maintenance and operation of all transports.
  3. Procure transports for the programme.
  4. Submit bills on fuel consumption to finance and ensure timely adjustment.
  5. Supervise all the drivers.
  6. Initiate transfer and posting of drivers under the Directorate.
  7. Process auction of damage/off-road vehicles.

Responsible Officer :
    Assistant Director (Transport),
    Mechanical Supervisor..

Common Service Section :
Common service section of the Directorate performs the following functions:
  1. Procure and maintain stationeries, office equipments, furniture and supplies.
  2. Ensure cleanliness and security of the office building and premises.
  3. Supervise installation of telephone, PABX, intercom, CCTV camera and service them periodically.
  4. Perform routine maintenance of the office building including elevators, generators, and water and sewerage machineries with the assistance of the Health Engineering Directorate (HED).
  5. Process of hiring of accommodation for division/district/upazilla level offices.
  6. Process loan, advances etc.for staff and officers.
  7. Supervise Receive & Issue (R&I) section for smooth operation of receiving and delivering letters.
  8. Arrange refreshment as per government rules for the office of the Director General and other coordination meetings of the Directorate.
  9. Procure leverages for the drivers and class-IV staff of the Directorate.

Responsible Officer :
    Assistant Director (Common Service).

Monitoring Section :
Usual functions of the monitoring section are :
  • Prepare report compiling relevant information/data on key Performance indicators and output indicators and targets of the Directorate General of Family Planning.
  • Collect and compile supervisory reports from field level.
  • Prepare question-answer regarding the programme for the National Parliament while the Parliament is on session.
  • Prepare various national/international award nomination particulars on behalf of the Directorate.
  • Provide necessary information/data for the National Population Council.
  • Prepare meeting minutes of all meetings held within the administration unit.

Responsible Officer :
    Assistant Director (Monitoring).