Country Wide FP Service
Outlets and Institutions

A wide range of service outlets have been established throughout the country.
  1. National Level.
    • Azimpur Maternity and Child Health Training Center.
    • Mohammadpur Fertility Service and Training Center.
    • Two Model Clinics attached to two Medical College Hospitals.
    • Family Welfare Visitors Training Institute (FWVTI)- 12.
    • NGO Clinics- 05.
    • Population, Health and Nutritional Cell- Bangladesh Betar.
    • Population Cell- Bangladesh Television.

  2. District Level.
    • Model Clinics attached to Medical College Hospitals - 06.
    • MCH-FP Clinics at District Hospitals- 64.
    • Mother and Child Welfare Centers (MCWC)- 62*.
    • Regional Training Center (RTC)- 20.

  3. Upazila Level.
    • MCH-FP Units at Upazila Health Complex (UHC)- 407*.
    • Mother and Child Welfare Centers (MCWC)- 12*.
    • NGO Clinics- 68.

  4. Union Level.
    • Union Health and Family Welfare Centers (UH&FWC)– 3,500*.
    • Rural Dispensaries (RD)- 1,275.
    • Mother and Child Welfare Centers (MCWC)- 23*.

  5. Peripheral Level.
    • Satellite Clinic (Organized 30,000 per month);
    • Domiciliary Services (CBD) 23,500 unit).
    • Mother and Child Welfare Centers (MCWC) - 23*.
  ( *Source: MC&RH unit )

Service centers and staff at the district level and below :-
  1. Districts :
    1. Administrative Center :
      • Office of the Deputy Director (DD) of Family Planning.
      • Assistant Director (FP).
      • Assistant Director for Clinical Contraception (ADCC).
      • Medical Officer for Clinical Contraception (MOCC).

    1. Service Centers.
      • MCH/ FP Unit at the 50 bed District or Sadar Hospital.
        Staff : Family Welfare Visitor (FWV)
        FWV refers cases to the MO (CC) when necessary Service Available: Antenatal, normal delivery (limited facilities for “at-risk” cases), postnatal, EPI, child care; all contraceptives including sterilization and follow- up care.

      • Maternal and child Welfare Center (MCWC).
        Staff : Medical Officer (Clinic)*
        Family Welfare Visitor (FWV)*
        Dai/ Nurses Services Available: Antenatal, normal delivery, postnatal, EPI, Child Care; all contraceptives including sterilization.
  2. Upazila :
    1. Administrative Center :
    2. Upazila Family Planning Office.
      Upazila Family Planning Officer,
      Medical Officer (MCH- FP),
      Assistant Upazila Family Planning Officer and Senior Family Welfare Visitor.

    3. Service Center :
    4. MCH- FP Unit at the 31 bed Upazila/ Thana Health Complex (UHC/ THC).
      Staff : Family Welfare Visitors (FWVs)* MO (MCH-FP) Services Available: Antenatal, normal delivery, postnatal, EPI, health education, childcare; all contraceptives including sterilization.

  3. Union :
    • Service Center :
      Union Health and Family Welfare Center (UHFWC).
      Staff : Medical Officer FW (not everywhere)* SACMO* Pharmacist (Not everywhere)* Family Welfare Visitor (FWV)* Service available: Antenatal (emphasis on screening for “at-risk” pregnancies and referral), safe delivery through domiciliary care, postnatal, child care, health education, contraceptives and general patients, all contraception.

  4. Unit :
  5. Staffs deliver basic MCH-FP services through home visits.

    Staff : Family Welfare Assistant (FWA).

    *Family Planning Inspector (FPI): Supervises all FWAs in a Union. *Ensure safe motherhood including EOC services with provision of Skilled Birth Attendants (SBA);* Voluntary Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) are trained through government facilities and provided with essential safe delivery kits.Services available: Antenatal screening, referral for safe delivery, contraceptive supply (pill and condom), vitamin A, ORS packets and EPI. Services are being expanded through satellite clinics at the community level.